What insurance plans does NeuroMed Plus Accept?

Dr. Moysaenko and Dr. Juguilon accept most of the same insurance providers. However, there are some exceptions. Please refer to the chart below to see if your insurance provider is accepted by Dr. Moysaenko and/or Dr. Juguilon


Insurance Plan*

Gleb Moysaenko, M.D .

Augusto C. Juguilon, M.D.



Aetna Medicare

Anthem BCBS

Anthem Medicare Preferred


Anthem Senior Advantage



Blue Medicare Access (Anthem)


Blue Preferred (HMO) (Anthem)

Blue Preferred Plus (POS) (Anthem)

Blue Traditional (Anthem)

BlueCard PPO (Anthem)




Emerald PPO

HMO Health Ohio (MMOH)

Lumenos Plans


Medical Mutual Advantage (Medicare replacement)


Medicare Railroad

OhioMed PPO (MMOH)




SuperMed Classic (MMOH)

Supermed HMO (MMOH)

Supermed Plus (MMOH)

SuperMed Preferred (MMOH)

SuperMed Professional (MMOH)

Supermed Select (MMOH)

Supermed Traditional (MMOH)

United Healthcare

United Healthcare Medicare

BWC Provider - Do not bill BWC, Submit Claims to designated MCO


*It is the responsibility of the patient to check their eligibility and benefits with their insurance prior to seeking treatment. Patients need to make sure that even though their insurance is on the list, they need to make sure that their physician in included in their network of physicians.


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